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Our Solutions

vTech Solutions is an industry leader in server, storage and backup virtualization. We provide a wide range of high quality services to help our client in evaluating, architecting, implementing and supporting virtualization solutions in their enterprise.


Virtualization is more than sizing exercise. Evaluating an environment’s potential for virtualization requires understanding all the constraints that govern and impact the environment, and ensuring that these constraints are taken into account when planning and managing virtual environments.

vTech Solutions has a comprehensive can help you determine which types of virtualization technologies are best suited to your environments as well as the best candidates within your environment. Often, we can perform the study and little or no cost to you.


A properly architected infrastructure is a critical component to successfully deploying any type of virtualization technology and realizing the expected benefits. Our team of experienced architects can help plan virtualization strategy optimized for your particular needs.

Our architects were able to save one client $5.78 million over an 18-month period through server virtualization and consolidation and storage virtualization. We’d like the opportunity to do the same for you.


Two key benefits of virtualization are ease of management and the ability to quickly provision resources. However, experience shows that a poorly implemented virtualization strategy can often prove more difficult to manage.

vTech Solutions engineers are experts at implementing storage and server virtualization solutions, including data migration and server consolidation and migration. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver the full value of a virtualized enterprise to our clients.