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Wireless Operations Center

The Wireless Operations Center (W.O.C.) represents the future of managing wireless infrastructures. vTech Solutions W.O.C., the first of its kind, is a centralized command site that allows us to support and monitor our clients’ wireless network environments 24/7. Leading corporations and non-profit organizations are outsourcing the management of their wireless operations to vTech Solutions Fulfillment Solutions, an industry leader in wireless technologies. Our W.O.C. allows them to offset the support and maintenance responsibilities associated with their wireless operations.

vTech Solutions also uses the W.O.C. as a venue for our customers and leading industry manufacturers to come together, address IT challenges, and explore the best solutions available today. We provide our customers with access to our Business Partners’ most cutting-edge IT solutions. That’s why the W.O.C. boasts a Solutions Lab that displays “Best of Breed” technology.

The Solutions Lab lets our customers “road test” different hardware and software solutions in an environment that lends itself to benchmarking and exploring proof of concepts with respect to these technologies. Customers get a better sense of solution integrity when evaluating products within a setting where they can simulate real-life infrastructure scenarios and stress points. This helps them make the right decisions for their organization’s unique needs.