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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise engagements involve complex networking needs, usually spanning multiple locations that must communicate via cross-platform environments. That’s why it’s important to work with a knowledgeable partner. vTech Solutions Team has over 75 years collective experience in strategically designing and successfully deploying solutions across the enterprise. We’ve partnered with industry leaders to bring you the best solutions for all your needs, and we’re uniquely positioned to meet all of your enterprise IT challenges, including:


vTech Solutions works with industry leaders to help our customers effect the most aggressive security program possible. We promote industry best practices and utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure that networks are safeguarded. We also implement programs designed to maintain the integrity of your infrastructure.


vTech Solutions understands the importance of storage at the Enterprise level. We partner with industry leaders like IBM, Hitachi, HP, EMC2, and Sun to deliver storage solutions that are scalable, cost-effective, and robust enough to handle every demand.


Your IT infrastructure is a critical asset and the foundation upon which you build your business. vTech Solutions offers solutions that help you maximize your infrastructure investment. We have partnerships with APC and Liebert to design and implement your Infrastructure with respect to:

• Power
• Management
• Cooling
• Racks


Collaborative applications such as messaging and instant messaging have become critical to today’s business. Whether you’re looking to migrate from one platform to another, to integrate two messaging systems due to a merger, to upgrade an existing platform or simply to implement new messaging solutions, you’ll find a valuable partner in vTech Solutions Fulfillment Solutions. We offer solutions, based on Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes. Our messaging specialists can custom tailor any implementation to meet your requirements.

Data Recovery/Disaster Recovery

Data Integrity is a critical imperative for today’s organizations. It encompasses data backup, physical security, disaster recovery, disaster prevention, natural disaster risk assessment, internal risk assessment, and data performance tuning. vTech Solutions can help you plan, manage, and protect a storage solution and the residing data.

Power Solutions

Your systems are only as good as the power behind them. That’s why we partnered with leading industry manufacturers to make sure that your systems are always available when you need them. We offer a wide range of solutions, from protecting your desktop PC to safeguarding your entire infrastructure. Not only do we provide the power equipment you need, but we also provide the monitoring tools necessary to ensure that your environment has optimal uptime, and is running as efficiently as possible, especially with respect to “Cooling.”

Asset Life Cycle Management

IT is constantly being asked to do more with less. That’s why it’s critical for an organization to be able to truly understand its IT asset portfolio. vTech Solutions understands this business challenge and is uniquely positioned to meet your organization’s needs with an extensive Asset Life Cycle Management program. It’s designed to help you optimally manage the full life cycle of your IT assets, from purchase to deployment to their eventual retirement.