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vTech Solutions Security Practice: Creating and Maintaining Secure Business Environments

According to recent reports by the FBI, 90% of all large corporate and government networks surveyed recently have detected security breaches in the past 12 months.

The result of those breaches?

• 80% lost millions of dollars
• 40% experienced denial of service
• 70% of Web sites experienced vandalism

vTech Solutions has created an impressive Security Practice in response to this growing corporate challenge. When most companies hire a security consultant to evaluate their security assessment, they are left with a thick report and still don’t know what direction to take.

This is what differentiates vTech Solutions from our competitors. vTech Solutions Security Experts work with you first to understand your business and uncover security risks present in your technology infrastructure. Our team then provides a Security Assessment specific to your needs. We make sure that you understand what issues are present and all the options available to you in responding to these security concerns. All of our client engagements are built on the concept of Customer Empowerment. This philosophy ensures that our clients have an active role in constructing a technology solution that makes sense for their particular needs.

The vTech Solutions approach is simple. We assess, we plan, we implement, and we monitor. We believe in establishing relationships with our customers so that you have a partner who you can count on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round. Constant vigilance is especially crucial when dealing with security issues, so our 24/7 Wireless Operations Center monitors hundreds of carefully selected components to ensure 99.99% uptime. We know that it’s your business on the line. vTech Solutions believes that creating an environment that fosters best practices lowers risks exponentially.

vTech Solutions offers an extensive portfolio of security solutions. By teaming up with partners who are on the cutting edge of technology, we ensure that our customers always benefit from the latest innovations. We provide solutions for Spam, spyware, anti-virus, content scrubbing, URL filtering, content filtering, patch management, Web services security, network intrusion detection, network penetration, physical security, policy development, internal vulnerability, access control, password strength, access control, host isolation, remote connectivity, out of band management, change management, change logging, change control, and much more.